3 Ways to Shade Your Brows

3 brow effects we love: Define, soften and lighten!
Need a little more brow emphasis? Get further definition for your eyebrows using one of these three brow-shading techniques.

1. Brow Pencil

EFFECT: Penciling is the most common method to define brows. For a flattering result, look out for brow pencil in a shade that is lighter than your hair colour - for example, if you have black hair, choose a brown pencil - and do update your brown pencil whenever you change your hair color.

APPLICATION: Fill in sparse areas using short, feather-light strokes in the direction of hair growth. (i.e. in a diagonal upward motion.) For a beautiful and precisely-drawn brows, always make sure the tip of the pencil is sharpened to a point.

2. Brow Powder

EFFECT: Brow powders are a subtle yet natural-looking way to make sparse brows look fuller. The finish is almost imperceptible, as if you haven't done anything to darken your brows. If you do not have brow powder on hand, a brown eyeshadow can do the job equally well.

APPLICATION: Prep the brow haird by brushing them downwards. Then load a hard-bristled angle brush with the brow powder and sweep along the browbone. After application, brush the hairs back up and over the powder.

3. Eyebrow Mascara

EFFECT: Eyebrow mascaras produce brows that are neatly shaped, making them ideal for tidying unruly brows. Some even come in light, pearlized finishes to optically lighten brows - these are the perfect choice if you have naturally dark brows and you wish to lighten them to match your bleached hair.

APPLICATION: Brush to lift the brow hairs away from the browbone. Then, starting from the beginning of your brow, give the hairs a light coat of brow mascara. Leave to dry for a few seconds, then gently comb them through.

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