Makeup Makeovers

Large pores, small eyes, thin lips: Disguise these and more with our expert tips.

Need a hand with concealing skin dullness, plumping up thin lips or disguising a zit? offers makeup tips that help you tackle these common complaints.

Makeover #1:

Enlarge small eyes

  • The Fix: Eyeliner and mascara (both in black) are the absolute must-haves to overhaul small peepers. Line the eye close to the lashes, going thicker at the outer corner. To really open up the eyes, use a white eyeliner pencil to trace the inside of the lower lip. Curl the lashes, the finish with two coatings of mascara.

  • Makeover #2:

    Disguise large pores

  • The Fix: Large, open pores on the skin can look unsightly, but they're common on people with oily skin. Using grease-free and pore-refining skincare products can improve the appearance of open pores. To conceal them and even out your skin's texture, always use an oil-free makeup base before your foundation.

  • Makeover #3:

    Plump up thin lips

  • The Fix: Think lighter lip shades and gloss. Start by prepping the lips with foundation, then line the outer edges with a lip liner, followed by a light lip color. For a professional look, go easy on the gloss: A dab of gloss to the center of the lips adds fullness without overdosing on shine.

  • Makeover #4:

    Brighten dull skin

  • The Fix: Perk up pasty, dull-looking skin by applying a pearly white makeup base before your foundation. Also look for luminous foundation with light-reflecting particles, which will impart radiance to your complexion. Finish with a lavender-colored loose powder after your foundation for an added glow.

  • Makeover #5:

    Enhance flat cheekbones

  • The Fix: Create the illusion of depth with this trick: Brush on a darker blusher under the cheekbone with a shading brush. Shade and blend. Then sweep on your usual blusher color onto the cheek apples.

  • Makeover #6:

    Conceal pimple

  • The Fix: Zap the blemish by dabbing pimple cream before applying makeup. Choose a cream concealer that has the exact same shade as your natural skin tone. Pat concealer on the spot and set with loose powder. A green-based concealer will typically neutralize the angry red of pimples.

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