Look-Younger Lipstick Tips


Any lipstick tricks to suggest for more-mature lips? What colors are best for a youthful look?

As we progress from our 20s to 30s, and from 30s to 40s, it's not surprising to find that our beauty routine doesn't quite cut it anymore. You may find that your lips have lost that rosy color, become thinner and more prone to dryness with age. What you need are sheer lipsticks and glosses to add shine and help your kissers look fuller.

The most flattering shades are rose and pink-beige hues that mimic your natural lip color (but a or two shade more intense) for that youthful, rosy finish.

To avoid color from seeping into fine lines around the mouth, always use a lip pencil (in a shade that matches your lipstick) to line the border of your lips. Apply and blend lipstick using a lip brush, which helps fill in lines. Finish with a dab of gloss in the center of your mouth to add fullness.

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