How to Cover A Blemish With Concealer?


Any attempt to conceal my spot just makes it more obvious and cakey. What am I doing wrong?

First of all, make sure you choose the correct shade for your concealer. The wrong shade can emphasize the very flaws you're trying to cover up. A good concealer should be yellow-toned and blends easily into your skin.

How to cover a blemish
A creamy concealer that blends easily is best as its texture allows a smooth application and prevents it from caking. Also, invest in a concealer brush because it will help make your application more precise -- a must when it comes to on-the-spot coverage.

After applying foundation to your face, take the concealer brush and dip it into a cream or stick concealer or foundation in a shade that matches your skintone. Then, paint onto the blemish gently.

Using your fingers, blend to soften the edges of the concealer. Finally, finish off by patting a layer of translucent compact or loose powder with a puff to set the concealer. Your blemish should barely be noticeable, if at all.

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