How To Wear: Metallic Eyeshadows


I love the metallic eye shadows that are trendy this fall. But how do I wear them without looking silly?

Bold, shimmery eye color was a huge trend on the fall runways. The look is easy to translate into real life -- the key is to choose the right color.

For daytime, pick a neutral shade of champagne, pearl or peach. Sweep it over the lid for a natural look and subtle shimmer. You can also dab light, subtle shades like this on the inner corner of the eye to give it brightness, then finish with mascara.

At night, step up the look with bolder colors like bronze, deep blues and grays. Finish with a liquid liner (in a similar shade if you have it, black if not) and two coats of volumizing mascara to create some drama.

And try this trick: Lightly mist your eye shadow brush with water before applying color to the lids. It will increase the shine and give the shadow more staying power.

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