Master The Manicure

Instant fixes to chipping, bubbles and more mani dilemmas!
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Hours of nail pampering at the manicurist's sounds glam, but who's to say you can't achieve the same salon-perfect manicure at home? These quick fixes to common mani dilemmas will help you get pretty, polished nails hands down.

Dilemma: Why does my polish chip and peel so easily?

The longer your nails, the more prone they are to chipping and breaking. To make your manicure last, trim your nails to a professional length (no more than a quarter inch past your finger tips). Varnish also peels off more easily if your cuticles are overgrown, so keep them in check. To groom your cuticles, apply a drop of oil and gently push them back using an orange stick or cuticle pusher.


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